Learn How Pro Blend Isolate+ Fuels the Fire of a Fitness Fanatic

We all have our own fitness and health goals. Some train to compete, while others love the rush and balance they feel when working out. A Pro Blend customer and fan, Pete. In his own words, Pete shares why he loves his fast-paced lifestyle and how Pro Blend’s Isolate+ lineup helps him get the most out of every day and every workout, even as he recovers from a cycling accident.

“I’m writing this testimonial because I felt compelled to share my story and experience with you in regards to your company’s Pro Blend Isolate+ product line.

Pro Blend Isolate+ Absolute ChocolateMy History: I’m 46 and absolutely love to run & cycle, to name just a few activities, and can’t sit still for very long periods of time without going nuts…that is, unless I’m sick or sleeping. It wasn’t uncommon for me to workout 6-7 days a week, averaging 60-90 minutes per session. I’d sometimes pull double, even triple duty on the weekends, which would include a back-to-back run (5-8 miles) & cycle (15-25 miles). I never worked out to train for competition, I believe that competing sucks the joy out of it for me, and I did it simply because I love It and it’s just how I’m built. Fact are facts; I’m not getting any younger and if I planned to maintain a high energy pace I need to take care of my mind & body and any high-quality product that will assist me to do just that, I’m in.

1st of all, NOT all protein powders and bars are created equal with regards to taste and health benefits! I spent countless hours (and dollars) researching and tasting a wide variety of blends to find products that would best assist me and my very active pace/lifestyle. During my 2-plus years of trial and error with protein bars and powders, I’ve tasted some which were very good (even great) and others which were downright awful.

Pro Blend Isolate+ Absolute ChocolateI was introduced to Pro Blend Isolate+ by a coworker and have been a huge fan ever since. Pro Blend tastes fantastic, mixes well with a pre-workout powder and really hits the spot pre, mid, and post workout. Now when you factor in the additional health and nutritional benefits that Pro Blend Isolate+ supplies vs. most powders that don’t, it really is a win-win.

Fast forward to today: In October of this year (2017) I was hit head-on by a car while cycling and landed somewhat face first in the road. Yup it hurt…a lot! The rest of that week, I was unable to eat solid food but I was able to drink my Pro Blend shake through a straw, which in my opinion was the next best thing to solid food. I’m still healing up and am a ways away from being back to full speed, but I continue to heal and will eventually get “back to it”, with Pro Blend as an integral part of my regimen.

Thanks for such great product!” – Pete

We thank Pete for sharing his story and hope he’s able to get back up to full speed quickly!

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