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What are the benefits of Pro Blend 55?

The benefits of Pro Blend 55

Pro Blend 55 includes multiple sources of whey protein along with egg albumin and casein to provide a TIME-RELEASE protein delivery system. By proportionally combining multiple protein sources, the digestion of Pro Blend 55 is extended over 3-4 hours, ensuring a constant supply of protein in the bloodstream for a more significant time frame.

Pro Blend 55 contains a combination of fast-releasing and slow-releasing proteins, which makes it ideal for any kind of situation; breakfast shake, post workout supplement smoothie, pre-bedtime snack, or meal replacement. Pro Blend 55 gives you 55 grams of Protein per 2 scoop serving.

Note: If you desire less protein, use only one scoop to meet your protein needs.

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Michele CaloPro Blend is great, no matter what your fitness goal is. Thank you, Pro Blend!

- Michele Calo, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Coach, National NPC Bikini Competitor

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As one of the most valuable sources of protein, it’s no secret that whey protein is a widely recognized and tremendously important nutrient for the human body. Whey protein aids in muscle preservation, development and performance, as well as other physical processes, including healthy aging, immune function and weight management.

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